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Where can I find mens pajamas with a hook & loop (Velcro) fly, or no fly at all? Single button does not work.

I live in Montana. The shopping is very limited here. I have to drive for hours to a decent mall. Walmart.com only has Superman & NASCAR pajamas. The Superman PJ’s have a single-button fly. They don’t say what sort of fly the NASCAR PJ’s have. Not that it matters, as I’m not a NASCAR fan. […]

How Do You Describe Your Clothing Style? Cartoon Pajama Pants Included

Amazon.com Widgets how would you describe your fashion style? is it sloppy? put together? bright colors or dark colors? sweats or jeans? boxers or briefs? etc. whatever. **me: i love bright intense bold colors esp.warm oranges and yellows-they look good on medium dark skin.love black too.soft colors are okay but not really my thing.crazy earrings […]

Where Can I Find Mens Patrick Star Pajama Pants Or Boxers?

I mean boxers!!!! There aren’t any at Target! Note from B: My daughter and I are avid SpongeBob fans and wear SpongeBob pajama pants. We drive mom crazy with episode after episode of Sponge Bob with Patrick Star, Gary, Squidward, Mr. Crabs, Plankton, Sandy, Larry the Lobster and the entire crew. My daughter really likes […]