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Men’s Pajamas With Feet & Adult Footed Pajamas

Who Knew Men’s Pajamas With Feet and Adult Footed Pajamas Were So Much Fun? Decided to go with a nice set of men’s pajamas with feet? Sometimes, these babies are known as footed pajamas with trap door. Or, a butt-flap! I like that expression for some reason. lol. Adult footed pajamas are all the rage, […]

Mens Big Feet Pjs: Cougar Town

Courtney Cox’s new show “Cougar Town” and Big Feet Pjs style 201 Red Micro-Polar Fleece Cool. But does make them for men, women and children? Yes. I’m happy to report they do. Yours in sweet, lazy comfort- B TODAYS MENS PAJAMA SPECIAL!UP TO 70% OFF Rock Bottom Sale on Mens Pajama Bottoms and Sleepwear at […]