South Park Mens Pajama Bottoms, Pants & Slippers

 South Park Mens Pajama Bottoms, Pants & Slippers: “Respect My Authori-Ta!”


Looking for South Park Mens pajama bottoms, boxers, lounge pants and Cartman South Park slippers? Good news!

Found what you are looking for right here. But be warned – All South Park Pajama pants for men and related slippers, etc sell SO FAST – it’s hard to keep up.

South Park fanatics rejoice as you lounge about in sweet lazy comfort in a new pair of mens South Park mens pajama bottoms.

These fun South Park Men’s lounge pants are officially licensed by Comedy Central and Comedy Partners.

South Park T.M.I. Mens Pajama Bottoms – Lounge Pants For Men
100% cotton knit Officially Licensed Comedy Central South Park men’s pajama bottoms.

South Park Cartman Mens Pajama Bottoms (TMI)

New Cartman Lounge Pants For Men

Ok: If you’ve seen this hysterical episode, you’ll know that TMI does not mean too much information!

These lounge pants for men feature South Park Character Kenny Cartman and his mathematrical formula for calculating T.M.I..

Machine washable with button fly and covered elastic waistband with drawstring tie.

  •     100% cotton knit
  •     Button fly
  •     Covered waistband Adjustable drawstring tie
  •     Machine Washable

Men’s pajama bottoms and mens pj’s are what this site is all about.

Am constantly searching for novelty lounge pants, cartoon men’s sleepwear, pajama sets and more.

If you are looking for something specific, just let me know.

Cool…now on to the Fun Stuff

Woodland Critter South Park Fanatics Rejoice!

South Park Mens Boxers – Grab them while you still can.

South Park Woodland Critter Christmas Boxer Shorts 2013 2014 (HooRay!)

These are sure to get a chuckle from any South Park fan! These boxer shorts for men feature South Park Character Eric Cartman and his story about the Woodland Critter Christmas.

The rear image shows the critters building their Christmas tree.

Machine washable with an open fly and covered elastic waistband.

  •     100% cotton knit
  •     Open fly
  •     Machine Washable


Those plush slippers feature Cartman and are the perfect accessory for your South Park pajama pants…

and boxer shorts.

See above.

But first, you must “Respect my authori ta!” By the way – Always loved hearing Cartman yell “Respect my Author-a-ta!”? Me too.

South Park Pajama Bottoms “” Lounge Pants for Men


Now you can wear these officially licensed South Park Mens Pajama Bottoms –  in style.

In the mood for some love? These lounge pants for men feature South Park Character Leopold “Butters” Stotch holding a chocolate heart. He is surrounded by the words ‘Give Me Some Sugar’ and appears on a red heart print background.

Machine washable with button fly and covered elastic waistband with drawstring tie.

These pajama bottoms for men are 100% knit cotton, have an elastic covered waistband and are easy to care for.


Psssst……Dig those cop shades

It wouldn’t be complete and total clashing without a pair of boxers with Kenny, Cartman, Stan and Kyle – and that wouldn’t be right.

100% cotton knit boxers for men feature all your favorite South Park characters in a colorful comic block print, are machine washable, have a button fly and exposed waistband.

Remember This Episode Of South Park From Season 2? (lol)

Is South Park Getting Better? The 11th Season Review

This season’s South Park seems to be better, but it seems to be growing out of its customary trend, which the show mainly depended on for so long, Eric Cartman, Stan Marsh, Kenny McCormick and Kyle Broflovski where usually the ones whom the story was build around.

This year it’s becoming clear that the South Park creators are starting to incorporate more of the other characters of South Park, mainly the grown ups more, like the always-hilarious Mr. Marsh and the strange, over the top Mr. Garrison.

The 11th Season started off with a bang with the controversial episode entitled ‘With Apologies to Jesse Jackson’ which was about Randy Marsh trying to find forgiveness after mistakenly using a racial slur on “Wheel of Fortune.” Meanwhile, Eric Cartman was fighting a midget, which was way too funny.

There seems to be a lot of spoofing of famous movies or TV series on the last few seasons, recently the huge box office hit movie ‘300’ has been spoofed in the South Park episode entitled “D-Yikes,’ Where Mr. Garrison fights off some Persian men who want to buy a lesbian bar called ‘les bos’. Other notable Spoofing include Fox’s 24, The Da Vinci Code, Night Of The Living Dead.

So is South Park still funny? Hell yeah, it’s only a handheld of cartoons on TV that is good and hasn’t been a disappointing like Family Guy and The Simpsons. South Park, now in its 11th season, remains the highest-rated series on Comedy Central.

South Park Video Clip

PS: Am definitely a South Park fan too. Given that Heavy Metal was a movie I grew up with, the South Park episode just cracked me up big time. Wanted to share this Heavy Metal – Don Felder’s Takin’ A Ride Video – But This Time it is from the Original Heavy Metal Movie. Enjoy it while wearing your new south park pajama bottoms for men, boxers and slippers.

PPS: I’m sure I don’t need to tell you that South Park is a “mature” show but just in case, depending on your situation with little children and your ground rules…

You can watch this South Park Video Clip here

Yours in sweet lazy comfort – Brad M.

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