Pajama Shorts, Short Sleeve Pajamas And Shorty Pajamas For Men

With the warmer weather of Spring and the certain heat of Summer just around the corner, a nice set of cool Pajama Shorts can be just what the doc ordered. Unfortunately, it seems that finding short sleeve pajamas and pajama shorts for men is a bit more difficult than one might expect.

Good news! I have located 2 fantastic sets of men’s shorty pajamas. Best part? Both under $19. One set of short sleeve pajamas is made for the big and tall man while the other is a regular cut of, shorty pajamas for men. Both are super comfortable, very well made, short sleeve with pajama shorts that run about knee length.

Great reviews too! Read this one:
"These are really nice shorty pajamas. I haven’t bought any for a while, so I didn’t know what to expect. the price was great, and the garment is soft and well fitting. I thought I’d be "settling" based on the price, but I am very glad I bought these pajamas. they are very comfortable, and a good-looking pattern to boot."

Here are some more excellent features of these Botany Short Sleeve, Knee Length Broadcloth Print Pajama Sets:

Shorty pajamas, for men, cool comfort in broadcloth

  • Cooling V-neck design
  • A front left side pocket feature
  • Button down front
  • Relaxing and comfortable
  • New Lycra waistband for a consistent fit
  • Adjustable waist for more flexibility
  • Roomy and comfortable armholes
  • 45% – 55% Polyester Cotton Blend

Looking for more Mens Pajama Sets in a cool fabric? Please read my article.

Here are the Botany Big Man Short Sleeve Pajamas, Knee Length Broadcloth Print Sets

Short sleeve pajamas for big men


  • Lycra waistband for a constant fit
  • Cool and open V-neck design
  • Mid-weight comfort
  • Roomy and comfortable armholes
  • Adjustable waist for more flexibility
  • 60% Cotton and 40% Polyester Blend

So far, many are absolutely raving about these great short pajamas for men.

"It is getting harder to find full sets of men’s pajamas, especially summer-weight sets with short sleeves and pants. I was very glad to see they were still available online and have ordered three sets, now. They are quite comfortable and wear very well."

Next, be sure to investigate these wonderful deals on eBay. Honestly, I do love eBay and can often find exactly what I’m looking for when all else fails: So can you! Check these out…

On a completely different note, for some reason, I thought of the Beach Boys and believe it must be an association of hot "Summer" weather, great times, cold drinks and comfortable pajama shorts. lol Anyway, check out this fun old video of the Beach Boys from 1976 with "Good Vibrations" featuring a birthday party for Brian and see if you can’t spot Paul and Lynda McCartney in there.

Enjoy those new pajamas and please feel free to read more of my site and this article on men’s pajama bottoms.

Yours in sweet, lazy comfort…

Brad M.

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