Mens PJs: Getting The Right Fabric For The Job

What Fabric Are Your Mens PJs Made From?

Mens PJs, lounge pants and pajama bottoms come in all sorts of fabrics and materials. Learn about some of the most popular fabric styles, a few washing tips as well as the best times of the year to wear them.

100% Cotton: If it’s cotton, then this would be a great choice for the mens white cotton pajama bottoms are great for summerwarmer months. From late Spring all the way through to the end of Summer, cotton is breathable and your mens pjs, pajama bottoms or mens cotton pajama sets will help you to stay cool. Simple to wash and wear, comes in all sorts of great prints and well as mens pajama shorts for the summertime. Just remember some brands of mens pjs in 100% cotton can shrink in the dryer.

Cotton-Poly: A cotton and polyester blend fabric is perfect if you are worried about shrinkage. Cotton-poly pajama bottoms and sets work well for warm weather nights as well as slightly cool evenings and won’t get static. Good polyester-cotton material is very soft, durable and static-free. These mens pjs, pajama bottoms and shirts are long lasting.

Flannel pajama pants, pajama bottoms for men

Flannel pajama pants

Flannel: Mens flannel pajama bottoms and lounge pants, on the other hand, are excellent for the Autumn and Winter seasons as they are a much warmer fabric. Good flannel is a woven type of fabric made with soft, luxurious cotton that comes in various levels of thickness. Some flannel mens pjs will shrink while other pajama bottoms for men that are well made will not.


100% Silk: Real silk pajamas feel incredible. They are luxurious, lightweight and warm. Very nice for sleeping, Men’s silk pajama bottoms and sets with shirts are fantastic for power lounging and cool evenings. Typically, silk pajama pj’s need to be hand washed or dry-cleaned. Naturally, these will be more expensive but well worth it when buying the 100% real silk men’s pajamas.


Adult Red Fleece Adult Footed Drop Seat Pajamas

Fleece is very warm and cozy in the Fall and Winter months

Fleece: Men’s fleece pajamas bottoms are warm, soft and very comfortable without a lot of weight. Easy to wash, polyester fleece or mens pjs as micro fleece pajamas and pajama pants are a great selection for cool and cold weathered months.

Fleece is used extensively for extreme weather situations as it is a hydrophobic fabric that won’t retain more than 2% of it’s own weight in moisture.

You can buy fleece pajamas for pure warmth and comfort. Special sets of fleece underwear were actually made for astronauts.

Very cool indeed.



Now You Can Get The Right Mens PJs For Your Situation No Matter What Season It Is

Mens Pjs come in various fabrics

Do you like cotton, fleece, silk or?

I hope you found this article about different types of fabric useful.

I will be posting more information about men’s pajama bottoms frequently.

In sweet, lazy comfort,

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Here is a video talking about super fuzzy fleece PJs.

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