Men’s Pajamas With Feet & Adult Footed Pajamas

Who Knew Men’s Pajamas With Feet and Adult Footed Pajamas Were So Much Fun?

Men's Pajamas With FeetDecided to go with a nice set of men’s pajamas with feet? Sometimes, these babies are known as footed pajamas with trap door. Or, a butt-flap! I like that expression for some reason. lol.

Adult footed pajamas are all the rage, super warm and a whole lot of fun for men and women alike. You can find footie pj’s for men, women and children. They come in two main fabric choices: fleece footed pajamas and flannel footed pajamas. Many, and most all listed here, have the ever popular drop seat with velcro attachment.

Men's Pajamas With Feet in Flannel red. Oh yeah!

PJ’s Red and Black Plaid Flannel Footed Pajamas

Plus, a great article all about footed pajamas and a special mention of a great company that makes them, Big Feet Pajama Company.

Finally: Just wait until you see the two videos I posted just below.

Cracks me up big time.

If you are looking for a great pajama gift idea, I have never seen anyone have more fun than in men’s pajamas with feet and adult footed pajamas.

People just like to dance in these as soon as they put them on.

Women's footie pajamas in rose pink fleece

PJ’s Rose Pink Fleece Footed Pajamas for Women

Let’s not forget the ladies here. I realize that this site is about men’s pajama bottoms, however, am also aware that more women than men will be shopping for men’s pj’s online.

So wanted to show you these Rose Fleece adult footie pajamas for Women.

Guys: your lady will love you for getting a set for her.

Ladies: Go ahead and just sneak a pair in for yourself while ordering for your man.

By the way ladies: If you are ordering for yourself, a general rule of thumb is to buy these footie pj’s a size smaller than usual. This typically applies if purchasing the Big Feet brand footed pj’s for Men’s pajamas with feet and Women.

And don’t worry! Absolutely everything listed here comes from reputable, fast shipping, easy exchange companies. I only list places I have personally bought from and trust.

Yours in sweet, lazy comfort – Brad M

Here is that article and the two videos:

Not Just Men’s Pajamas With Feet: Footie Pj’s Are A Great Gift Idea For The Whole Family

Adult Footed Pakamas come in Footed pajamas with trap door (Love it!)Footed pajamas are not just for kids anymore. Now footed pajamas are made for men, women, adults and kids. With old man winter and Christmas coming and heating costs rising, mens footed pajamas, ladies footed pajamas and kids pajamas with feet are a fun new gift idea.

In Winter, when cold weather is just around the corner and coming soon footed pajamas for adults, men and women alike, sure come in handy.

We hear daily about the rising cost of oil and other fuels. The economy is rapidly falling apart. So how can you survive the winter without breaking the bank?

Consider buying men’s pajamas with feet and footed pajamas for the whole family. Toasty warmth and comfort!

Watch this video with two guys getting footed pajamas with trap door presents. They’re pretty excited!

Footed pajamas are now made by many manufacturers in adult sizes and are rapidly becoming a fashion trend. One manufacturer of adult footed pajamas; Big Feet Pajama Company, was selected by the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce as the “Innovative Small Business of the Year”, for transitioning from a basement to a multi-million dollar company in just three years.

Other well known manufactures of footed pajamas include the companies Jumpin Jammerz and Footzies. Hollywood celebrities from Samuel L Jackson and Eva Longoria to Lindsay Lohan and Emma Roberts have been seen buying adult footed pajamas, fleece footed pajamas, men’s pajamas with feet and are leading the new fashion trend.

Why are adult footed pajamas suddenly so popular? Since they cover the wearer from top to bottom, footed pajamas (also known as Footsie or Footie Pajamas, one piece footed pajamas Onesie Pajamas and Blanket Sleepers) are the warmest pajamas around. Footed pajamas not only prevent popsicle toes they also allow the entire family to dress for bed in the same style.

Adult footed pajamas make not only economic sense; footed pajamas make ecological sense as well. Since less heating fuel is required to heat the house there is less carbon polluting the environment. Kids footed pajamas, ladies footed pajamas and men’s pajamas with feet all make a great winter cold weather or Christmas gift idea for family members and friends. What better way to tell someone you love them than to keep them warm and cozy?

For more men’s pj’s ideas, take a look at the article on South Park pajamas and South Park slippers or for the National Lampoon fan, the Animal House pajama pants article

Everybody likes to dance in footie pajamas. Yes – even guys in Men’s Pajamas With Feet – lol Watch this fun video.

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By George Sol
Published: 10/9