Mens Pajama Jeans | Denim Pajama Pants

Mens Pajama Jeans and Lounge Pants for The Ultimate in Novelty Pajamas

Mens Pajama Jeans are actually quite comfy

Mens Pajama Jeans and Lounge Pants are quite comfortable.

Looking for those cool Mens Pajama Jeans? (Pssst – we found ’em)

Pajama jeans that originally had the AS SEEN ON TV designation – Now pajama jeans for men? “Jeans? you can actually sleep in?

Yepper. That is indeed the case.

Originally pajama jean pants came out for women. We wondered why there weren’t any mens pajama jeans.

Well, now there are.

Went searching high and low for some well regarded mens pajama jeans.

Finally found a few pairs just for you (and me too of course)

Here are the Mens Pajama Jeans and Lounge Pants


1. Your Old Worn Out Favorite Jeans Lounge Pants For Men
2. Faux Denim Blue Jeans Lounge Pants Novelty Pajama Bottoms
3. Cowboys Favorite Faux Jeans and Chaps Lounge Pants For Men
4. Rocker Faux Leather Look Cotton Lounge Pants For Men

Video: Original Pajama Jeans Commercial Infomercial

That pajama jeans commercial…Cracks me up! lol. For some reason, this reminds me of one night I had stayed up til 2am when I had the flu and was dosed out on cough medicine. Hmm.

Feel Free to read more about mens pj pants and find more mens pajama bottoms on sale

Yours in schweet lazy comfort,

Brad M.