Some folks love the mens smoking jacket. Watch that videos in this post!

Mens Loungewear, Luxury Bath Robes & Men’s Smoking Jacket

Still Think The Men’s Smoking Jacket Is Out Of Style? (Think Again)

How can you NOT love that guy? Black velvet smoking jacket – pipe and a Scotch. Well done friend :)

Here is a great article that discusses different types of Mens attire. From the smoking jacket (seen in the picture), to Turkish bath robes, Loungewear and more.

Have also included a few videos. One shows how to make a mens smoking jacket. Yeeeee Haaaa – Enjoy!

How To Tell The Difference Between Different Types Of Mens Longewear

Luxury bath robes for men, mens loungewear and pajama pants, and even a men’s smoking jacket are popular gifts that allow the man in your life the opportunity to relax and enjoy themselves without being concerned if their tie is straight.

For some women, the trouble has been, at times, understanding the difference between a luxury bathrobe, loungewear, and a smoking jacket and deciding which one to choose.

Men’s Smoking Jacket

Retro and vintage mens smoking jackets are still being bought and even madeSmoking Jackets are a more formal style of casual wear that gained popularity in the Victorian age. They feature front pockets designed to hold pipes, tobacco, or cigar kits since that was their original purpose.

Gentlemen would don these before smoking so that the ‘smell’ could be taken off afterwards. They are tailored and similar in appearance to that of a sports coat or suit.

While the men’s smoking jacket isn’t seen quite as much today, you can still find real vintage smoking jackets and even costumes if you look hard enough. Try ebay if your looking for the Real Classics. Or you can make your own!

VIDEO: The Men’s Smoking Jacket Tutorial

They are popular among fine cigar enthusiasts and those who prefer a more tailored, formal look including businessmen hosting associates in their home. Hugh Hefner is one of the biggest icons associated with the smoking jacket, and often paired them with loungewear. (you can see a video of Hugh below)

Luxury Bath Robes For Men

Many tupes of Turkish cotton luxury robes for menAnother favorite of Hugh, a luxury bathrobe is quick and easy to put on and comfortable enough to live in. They can be worn over any style of casual wear including birthday suits without sacrificing comfort.

While men’s luxury bath robes are often made from microfleece and other polyester fabrics, good luxury bath robes for men are generally found in high-end fabrics such as organic 100% Egyptian or Turkish cotton.

This makes them absorbent (perfect for after a shower) and soft to the touch.

Style and cut are important to enjoy this style of casual wear to the fullest.

Pockets should be big enough to hold small items and hands, but they should be sculptured to protect the style.

Also, select a cut and size that makes these items form fitting so that they are comfortable to wear and move in. Lastly, look for a fabric weight that will ensure he is comfortable at all times.

Mens Loungewear & Pajama Bottoms

mens striped pajama bottomsLoungewear or mens pajamas often consist of a lone pair of loose fitting mens pajama bottoms and loungewear sets with a tie or elastic waist or a pair of shorts very similar to boxers.

Many men choose to pair the lounge pants with tie shirts that resemble short men’s bathrobes. Two-piece styles provide men with added coverage and comfort since they can take the top off if they become too warm.

These are commonly made from silk, charmeuse, or even fine cottons and flannels like mens flannel pajama bottoms. Men generally prefer these styles because they allow them to relax in them long after waking up and are loose and comfortable enough to sleep in. The two pieces also prevent embarrassment if they need to answer the door or head out for the newspaper.

Men’s casual wear is the perfect way for the men in your life to relax after being constrained to specific, rigid work wear all week.

Men’s bathrobes, smoking jackets, men’s pj pants , flannel pajama bottoms and mens loungewear allow him to relax and enjoy just being at home without the deadlines and harsh rules of everyday life.

VIDEO: Here’s Hugh donning the classic Mens Smoking Jacket. In this video, Hugh takes 10 questions.


Some folks love the mens smoking jacket. Watch that videos in this post!

Melanie Clark – Writer. This guy is wearing The Playboy Secret Wishes Smoking Jacket with Pipe. Click to see

PS: The quote I found and put on this fun image is by Melanie Clark:

“You Can’t Put a Price Tag on LOVE,
But You Can on ALL its ACCESSORIES.”

From around the blogosphere, more information about mens lounge wear, pajama pants, smoking jackets and fine robes.

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