How Do You Describe Your Clothing Style? Cartoon Pajama Pants Included

how would you describe your fashion style? is it sloppy? put together? bright colors or dark colors? sweats or jeans? boxers or briefs? etc. whatever.

**me: i love bright intense bold colors esp.warm oranges and yellows-they look good on medium dark black too.soft colors are okay but not really my thing.crazy earrings & head scarves. i have this long poofy afro hair lol so it makes almost everything i wear look unique in a way. graphic tees are my life. belts around the waist. poofy short skirts. jeans. more jeans. tube socks. colored tights!! i love bulky beaded necklaces. ballet flats&flip flops. converse. shirts that dip on one shoulder. i have an unhealthy obsession with designer bags. shirts w/lace. hoodies. cartoon pajama pants. pleather. wristbands for various causes. black or bright nail polish. hats. strapless form fitting tops with interesting patterns or corset style. peacoats! oversized sports jerseys…
i just love clothes : )