Harley Davidson Pajamas, Harley Pajamas Pants For Men

Harley Davidson Pajamas For Men- Oh Yeah!

New Harley Davidson Pajamas Pants for Men 2013-2014

Harley Davidson Pajamas Pants For Men (and Women Too): Updated Post 1/22/2014

On the hunt for Harley Davidson Pajamas? I hear ya! This poor post needed an update pretty bad (AGAIN).

So here is what we have for Harley Davidson Pajamas for Men as well as related lounge pants like the Sturgis Skull and Flag Toss Lounge Pants (now sold out) for men.

For Women! And a few for Harley Davidson Lounge Pants for the ladies as well! (I know, I know – its Mens Pajama Bottoms.com but just forgive me this time as I didn’t want the Ladies to go without Officially Licensed Harley Davidson Pajamas)

Oddly enough, one of my favorite places to buy mens pajama bottoms and lounge pants stopped carrying officially licensed Harley-Davidson pajamas, so I went looking for these babies elsewhere. Fortunately, found about a few pairs of Harley Davidson Pajamas and pants  and am featuring them here today.

At the time, the Summer months were heading our way and the need for a cooler pajama fabric, I wanted to make sure these Harley Davidson pajamas weren’t ALL fleece (looking for cotton) or some other hot fabric. No need to be lounging about and sweatin’ your b**ls off!

Problem solved.

Either way. It’s all good. :)

Just found these Harley Davidson Allover Bar and Shield PJ Lounge Pants For Men

Harley-Davidson® Logo Pajama Bottoms For Men (whew!)

For the most part, these Harley Davidson pajamas / lounge pants are cotton knit.

Also included some Skulls Prints (not Harley-Davidson but nice) pajama bottoms and more. Plus, the price is right so check ’em out below: Harley Davidson Pajamas and PJ Pants for Men and Women

Next, I’m posting this nice little article written by a young lady and Harley rider named Nicole Munoz. She did a write up on Harley Davidson apparel and other protective gear for the ride. You’ll find Nicole’s article just below.

Plus, I found a great videos about Sturgis 2011, Stevie Nicks, Poison and an updated Dan P Harley Davidson 2009 “Road King Classic” line-up. The videos are below as well.


Now. Back to what you are really looking for. Here are a few more pair of Harley Davidson Pajamas for men. Go check ’em out.

Yours in sweeeeeeet, lazy comfort – Brad :)

Harley Davidson Pajamas For Women: Metallic American Eagle Capri Lounge Pants

Harley Davidson Pajamas: For Women-Metallic American Eagle Capri Lounge Pants

Metallic American Eagle Capri Lounge Pants A Few Still Left! (Dec 2013)

Harley Davidson Lounge-wear Pants For Women

I tried to put an inset on these for you that show the Registered Trademark Logo

These lounge pants for women are a Capri Length and feature the world famous Harley-Davidson® American Eagle Registered Trademark Logo.

This logo is in metallic colors and on a black background.

These capri length pants have a wide waistband and applique stripes on the outer legs.

They are Easy Care

Machine washable

They are made of 95% Cotton and 5% Spandex

Officially Licensed Harley Davidson lounge pants by the Harley-Davidson Motor Company

I found these Harley Davidson Pajamas for Women

And here, a different version called Harley-Davidson® Women’s Scrolls Script Lounge Pants for Women.


VIDEO: Kid Rock Live At Sturgis 2013

VIDEO: Harley Davidson Sturgis Video With Stevie Nicks

Skull Pajamas Pants For Men : Not Harley-Davdson But Creepy Skull Lounge Pants Men’s Pajama Bottoms

Skulls are still in!

Creepy Skulls Lounge Pants may be just what the Doc ordered


  • Cool 100% cotton knit lounge pants for men
  • These are machine washable, easy care
  • Harley-Davidson Lounge Pants are officially licensed by Harley-Davidson Motor Co.



Sturgis Skull and Flag Toss Lounge Pants Pajamas Skull Lounge Pants

These lounge pants are Licensed by Sturgis Bike Week

SOLD OUT:Sturgis Skull and Flag Toss Lounge Pants – Easy Care 100% Cotton Knit


  • Cool 100% cotton knit lounge pants for men
  • Features an all-over print of a skull with eagle wings on a flag
  • It reads: ‘Sturgis’ with a black background
  • These mens pajama pants are machine washable
  • Easy Care
  • They have an open fly
  • They have side pockets


  • Adjustable drawstrings too


  • Fabric covered elastic waistband for more comfort


  • Officially Licensed by : Sturgis Bike Week, Inc.


  • Sturgis Skull and Flag Toss Lounge Pants For Men

Not Harley Davidson Pajamas but Harley-Davidson Apparel Must-Haves

As you gaze upon your priceless Harley-Davidson motorcycle, you can’t help but beam with pleasure and satisfaction. After all, owning one is a dream come true for any passionate motorcyclist.

But the Harley-Davidson thrill does not end here.

Riding the bike is of course the next best thing which gives you an exhilarating feeling that is like no any other feeling in the world.

Aside from that, there is a wide array of Harley-Davidson apparel you can buy to complete your look and more importantly to make your ride a smooth and safe one.

Here are some of the Harley-Davidson clothing apparel you might like to check on:

  • The Helmet: Hopping into your Harley and roaring with extreme speed will not make you a real rider but will only endanger your life. Be sure that you ride at the right speed and that you don your Harley-Davidson helmet to protect your head from any possible injury that you may encounter in the fast lane. Remember, there have been many lives that were saved because of this protective head gear. Do the right thing by donning this important piece of Harley-Davidson gear.
  • Harley Davidson Boots and Shoes: Again, this is not solely for the image but also holds a higher purpose of protecting your leg against muffler burns as well as abrasions and minimize injuries in case of accidents. You can find Official Harley-Davidson Boots w/ Free Shipping here.
  • Harley-Davidson Hat: You know that you can’t wear the helmet all the time especially after you’ve gotten off your bike. But to keep your head protected either from the heat of the sun or from drops of rain, don a Harley-Davidson hat.
  • Leather Jacket: Leather jackets may be popular in giving a rider that bad boy look or a menacing image, one who terrorizes people. But the truth behind leather jackets is that it gives the rider ample protection from wind, dust, sand as well as minimize injuries like abrasions and burns in case of crashes. A Harley-Davidson jacket will not only give you the look but more importantly make your ride a safe one.
  • Leather Pants: This is to complement your leather jacket, to protect your lower body from abrasions and to complete your Harley-Davidson emblem.
  • Sunglasses: A pair of shades will keep road debris like sand off your eyes and prevent any elements from obstructing your view. This is a fabulous accessory that will make your rider look even more awesome but more significantly, contribute to a safe driving by protecting your eyes and keeping your vision clear.

These Harley-Davidson apparel are sure to roar up your motorcycle rider image. But keep in mind that image is not everything. And while it’s nice that these apparel make you look good and all, the more important thing is that they provide safety and protection to make your ride a smooth and enjoyable one.

Check out this video Harley Davidson 2009 “Road King Classic” line-up:

From Dan Perez for DansVideoCreations.com

VIDEO: Poison at the Buffalo Chip Sturgis 2011

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By Nicole Munoz
Published: 1/30