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Holiday Gift Giving Ideas: Clearance Mens Pajama Bottoms, Closeout Pajama Pants And Sets

Unbelievable! Here I am looking at the calendar and it’s already time to jump in to the Holiday Season. Thanksgiving is this week and before we know it, Christmas will be upon us. If you’re like me, you are probably trying to save a few dollars this year while still giving your loved one something nice. Think clearance, closeout, discount and cheap. :) In addition to my favorite men’s pajama pants categories, I found this nice little article that will help you to come up with some great Holiday gift ideas.

Romantic Gifts For Him That Show You Really Care

There are many occasions when you might consider buying a romantic gift for him – including Valentine’s Day, Christmas, and his birthday. To show caring for a special person in your life can at times be challenging and gift giving is a time-honored way of showing that you care for and appreciate him. A romantic gift for him also brings you into the world of his thoughts, where love and appreciation are returned.

When selecting a romantic gift for him, keep in mind that generic and obvious choices are often not as highly regarded as those which show you well know his tastes and needs. One way of adding uniqueness to a gift is to personalize it in some way, such as to have it engraved, as would be the case with a silver or pewter beer mug, or printed with a photo, comment or witty saying, as with a T-shirt.

Men often appreciate practical or useful things, even if there is a touch of humor behind it. So make sure that, if you print a bawdy slogan on his T-shirt, he is the sort of person who would be comfortable wearing the message it carries.

Probably safer as romantic gifts for him are simple items that have every day use, like monogrammed handkerchiefs, men’s pajama bottoms, or a pajama set which bear his initials. Whenever he uses them, these will remind him of you.

Another possibility which has a definite personal touch is a gift that can be shared, like massage products and essential oils. A gift certificate (for two) to a health spa also conveys a not too subtle hint of mutually shared pleasures. If you’re a deft hand with words and can string some lines of verse together (or "borrow" some classic lines from a famous author), consider printing a beautiful card or booklet that conveys these special feelings and thoughts.

Many men enjoy movies and, although he may prefer action heroes, consider a romantic DVD that also has qualities he will appreciate – and enjoy it together. You might prefer to avoid an obvious ‘chick flick’ like "Beaches"; think more in terms of a modern equivalent to "Gone With The Wind"!

If he likes to watch a particular sport, you can make a big impact by giving tickets to a favorite game as a romantic gift – and then be willing to accompany him to the game. Followed, of course, by a romantic dinner at home!

Music lovers welcome tickets to concerts and stage performances. Want something more enduring with a romantic touch – would he enjoy strumming a Spanish guitar? CDs or DVDs of his favorite groups may also be a welcome surprise that show you know what he likes.

The key to giving romantic gifts to him lies in your knowledge and understanding of what he likes, as well as what he needs. Adding a personal touch lifts what could otherwise be a bland or indifferent gift to the status of one that is far more significant and you, as the source, will share in the respect and love that brings.

This short video has more holiday gift ideas for guys. It didn’t mention mens pajamas (bummer) but lots of great gadgets

Holiday gift ideas for men

Men’s pajamas are just one idea of a romanticgift for guys. Here are some blogs and other websites with additional info.

Reducing Holiday Shopping Stress
Don’t postpone holiday shopping until the last minute. If you shop earlier, you’ll have a better selection of gift ideas to choose from, you won’t get stuck in the last-minute rush at the malls and the post office.

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