Know Where I Can Get A Pair Of Silk Simpsons Pajamas?

We Found Some Simpsons Pajama Pants…

Reader writes: “Around 15 years ago i managed to find a pair of mens silk simpsons pj`s. Unfortunetly they are now on the verge of falling apart and i want to buy a new pair. I have tried `googling` them but cant seem to find them. As i`m in Australia, does anyone know of a mail order company or store that i can get them. Thanks everyone!”

Wear your Simpsons mens pajama bottoms while singing the Homer Simpson Beer Song (VIDEO)

Find The Simpsons men’s lounge pants here including


  • Homer Simpson – Beer Drinking Lounge Pants
  • Bart Simpson – Eat My Shorts Lounge Pants
  • The Simpsons Homer Running Flannel Gift Set
  • Homer Simpson – Tangled In Holiday Lounge Pants